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Privacy Policy - Personal Data 

Privacy Policy - Personal Data
This privacy policy applies to Hadjianastasi Aluminium Systems and its subsidiaries (hereinafter "we", "us", or "our".
"Personal Data" are data that identify yourself as an individual or relate to an identifiable individual. We as Hadjianastasi Aluminium Systems do not request access to any of your personal information unless we need it in order to provide our services. In case we need any of your personal information in order to provide our services then we receive, collect and store the information you enter on our website or on any of the company's social media .  It is important for us to inform you that your personal data are not shared with anyone or third party without your consent. 

What type of personal information do we collect?
 1) Name / Surname
 2) Email
 3) Contact number
 4) Address
How we collect personal data?
Personal information are collected through our website or company's social media (written communication). Also, through a phone conversation or when an individual visits the company's place and we need any personal information in order to provide our services the personal data are collected verbally. 

Collection of other data
In terms of other data, we collect  other types of data including browser and device data, data provided by cookies, demographic data.
Browser and Device Data: We collect data including your Internet Protocol (IP) address used to connect your device to the Internet. 

Our site uses cookies that provides us with several data such as your browser type, time spent on our website and other traffic related data. The reasons we collect such data is to provide and operate our services, to provide our site's visitors with more efficient and effective experience, to provide an ongoing assistance to our site's visitors, to comply with laws and regulations, to display site's data more effectively, to collect statistical data and to improve design and overall site's functionality. We also use cookies to help us better evaluate and analyze our marketing efforts and techniques. 
Although, there is an option whether you accept or not our cookies. You can change, modify your cookies preferences by changing the setting in your browser.  

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